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Eco-Friendly Tropical House

January 8, 2016

Many consider Indonesians lucky to have tropical climate year-round, but for most of us that means we have to deal with unbearably hot and humid days. Sadly may interior designers and architects simply dismissed this challenge by planting air conditioners throughout the house. Not only that air conditioners will crank up your electricity bill, the emission also contribute towards global warming. Therefore, it is important that the interior and architecture of the house is designed in such a way that promotes better air circulation and reduces heat inside the house.


Our team from Velospace & Co. share some tips and  several ways you can incorporate to make your house more eco-friendly towards tropical climate:


1. Use green roof/ living roof


Why not having your roof partially or completely covered with vegetation? Planted over a waterproof membrane, these greens will effectively maximize their natural functions to filter water and treat air in urban and suburban landscapes or architectures.



2. Use tinted windows


Proven to provide a substantial increase in blocking UV rays and ability to control heat transfer, tinted windows are one of the best solutions to reduce the massive heat inside the house. Choose the right window film colours and there you go!



 3. High ceilings


This might be a little tricky. High ceilings make a room feel large and open, but they can be difficult to cool and heat. Consider where to put your heat supply, fan, insulation, wall and windows before you decide to have a high ceiling.





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