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Bookshelf Styling

February 19, 2016

Arranging bookshelves to look like a stylish detail in your home instead of a stuffy library takes a little insight and practice. Here are a few quick guidelines that, with some practice, can transform those cluttered shelves into warm design details!




Mix Things Up.

Have some of your books vertical, and some in a horizontal stack. This one trick alone can add a professional touch to your display.




























Introduce Items Other Than Books!

Adding candles, collectibles, or even a plant or two adds life to your display, and the contrast in shape and texture adds interest.







































Zig Zag Pattern.

Allow your display items to form a sort of zig zag down the shelves. In other words, don’t allow the items to line up from shelf to shelf. This allows the display items to lead the eye in a pleasing manner, and not look stiff. Use a variety of shapes, but try to keep all your non book items sticking to a color, theme or style.











































Color Smart.

Carry your color scheme onto your bookshelf to give the room a sense of unity. For example, accent accessories on the shelves match the light blue wall color. Storage boxes conceal items such as toys and movies that you may not want out in the open.






































Pleasing Prints.

Adding wallpaper or printed fabric to the back wall of shelves creates a unique look and is an easy way to personalize a bookcase. Add woven baskets and decorative storage boxes to easily organize magazines and maintain a clean look. Attach fun labels to shelves to establish an organizing system for your books.

























Great Pyramids.

Books can be used to create visual interest. Pyramidal stacks on the center shelves contrast the top shelf of entirely vertical books. Layer pieces of art behind shorter books or small accessories such as figurines.


























Alternative Arrangement.

For a display-worthy bookcase, organize paperbacks in pretty baskets. Group likebooks together (by author, genre, etc.) and put labels on the baskets so books are easy to find.
























Functional Form.

Shelves are great tools to keep a craft workroom organized. Slip magazine holders on open shelves to hold loose papers. Storageboxes conceal clutter and can be kept a neutral color to blend in. For a bolder look, cover boxes with printed paper. Use decorative containers and flea market finds to hold paintbrushes or pens and pencils.


















































Don’t be afraid to move things! The only way to get it is to change things around, try new ideas, and to keep moving things until you find an arrangement you like.

Take 15 minutes right now, bring in a few well loved display items from other rooms, clear off the shelves and start again. Attractive shelf displays bring balance to any room. So. give it a try!


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